mitmdump is the command-line companion to mitmproxy. It provides tcpdump-like functionality to let you view, record, and programmatically transform HTTP traffic. See the --help flag output for complete documentation.


Saving traffic

> mitmdump -w outfile

Start up mitmdump in proxy mode, and write all traffic to outfile.

Filtering saved traffic

> mitmdump -nr infile -w outfile "~m post"

Start mitmdump without binding to the proxy port (-n), read all flows from infile, apply the specified filter expression (only match POSTs), and write to outfile.

Client replay

> mitmdump -nc outfile

Start mitmdump without binding to the proxy port (-n), then replay all requests from outfile (-c filename). Flags combine in the obvious way, so you can replay requests from one file, and write the resulting flows to another:

> mitmdump -nc srcfile -w dstfile

See the Client-side Replay section for more information.

Running a script

> mitmdump -s examples/

This runs the example script, which simply adds a new header to all responses.

Scripted data transformation

> mitmdump -ns examples/ -r srcfile -w dstfile

This command loads flows from srcfile, transforms it according to the specified script, then writes it back to dstfile.