An interactive console program that allows traffic flows to be intercepted, inspected, modified and replayed.


Think tcpdump for HTTP - the same functionality as mitmproxy without the frills.

pathod & pathoc

Crafted malice for tormenting HTTP clients and servers.


See the latest release on Github for source, OSX and Windows builds.


The mitmproxy forums are the right place to ask questions about using mitmproxy, propose changes to the project, and talk about the project as a whole.

bug tracker

Please report bugs on the Github issue tracker.

developer chat

The mitmproxy developers use Slack to co-ordinate. Feel free to join us to chat, but keep support/how-to questions to the forums.


related projects


A privacy analysis and measurement service, built using mitmproxy - an example of a high-performance server-side application of the project.


A mitmproxy based devtools extension that lets you edit remote files locally and serve them directly to Chrome.


BackDoorFactory + mitmproxy - patch binaries with shell code on the fly.


A project from ustwo that offers an easy way to mock a service (e.g. API, Website).

talks & writings

Jeremy Singer-Vine and Jennifer Valentino-DeVries, WSJ, Sites Sharing Personal Details: The Journal’s Tests
Christian Weiske OUYA is watching you
Drew Davidson, Matt Fredrikson, Somesh Jha mitmproxy: the Attack Tool Keeping Devs Honest
Martijn Terpstra WhatsApp & privacy