Google Summer of Code 2021

02 Sep 2021, Toshiaki Tanaka @gorogoroumaru

Hello, my name is Toshiaki Tanaka. I’m a Japanese university student majoring in medicine. Even though I don’t major in computer science, I occasionally play CTFs. For this I’ve used mitmproxy quite a bit, and so I applied to be a Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2021 student for the project… and got accepted! In this post I would like to share my GSoC experience with future applicants.

Mitmproxy 7

16 Jul 2021, Maximilian Hils @maximilianhils

We’re delighted to announce the release of mitmproxy 7, a free and open source interactive HTTPS proxy. This release is all about our new proxy core, which bring substantial improvements across the board and represents a massive milestone for the project.

A New Proxy Core, Sans I/O

19 Dec 2020, Maximilian Hils @maximilianhils
The upcoming release of mitmproxy 7 will feature a completely new I/O-free proxy core. In this post, I will go into the technical details and architectural changes coming up.

Mitmproxy 6

13 Dec 2020, Maximilian Hils @maximilianhils

We are happy to announce the release of mitmproxy 6.0! While the version bump may suggest otherwise, this really is a bugfix release while we prepare for much larger changes in the next version.

Mitmproxy 5.3

01 Nov 2020, Thomas Kriechbaumer @raumfresser

We are excited to announce the release of mitmproxy 5.3! This release comes with a long list of improvements and bugfixes – 137 commits by 20 contributors, resulting in 72 closed issues and 69 closed PRs, all of this in just over 105 days.

Mitmproxy 5.2

23 Jul 2020, Martin Plattner @martinplattnr

We are excited to announce the release of mitmproxy 5.2! This release comes not only with a long list of improvements and bugfixes – 48 PRs from over 30 contributors – but also with the first fruits from this year’s Google Summer of Code: In this post we take a look the new and improved replacement features.

Mitmproxy 5

16 Dec 2019, Maximilian Hils @maximilianhils

We’ve just released mitmproxy 5, the latest and greatest version of mitmproxy. It brings a shiny colorful table view and tons of small fixes: Since the last release, the project has had 495 commits by 70 contributors, resulting in 244 closed issues and 197 closed PRs.

Mitmproxy 4

15 May 2018, Aldo Cortesi @cortesi

We’ve just released mitmproxy v4.0, and it’s an absolute corker. Among the usual long list of bugfixes and improvements, one thing stands out: speed. Users should see about 4x improvement in core request throughput for mitmdump, and a 10x or more improvement for mitmproxy console. Let’s dig into the details.

Google Summer of Code 2018

20 Mar 2018, Aldo Cortesi @cortesi

Mitmproxy has participated in the Google Summer of Code program under the umbrella of the Honeynet Project since 2012. The students that have come to us through GSoC have had a deep and lasting impact on our project - no less than two of mitmproxy’s current co-leaders started their journey as GSoC students. For the right student, GSOC is a wonderful opportunity to be mentored to become a full-fledged mitmproxy dev team member. There’s only about one week left before our application for slots needs to be submitted, so if you want to come along for the adventure, you have to move quickly!

Mitmproxy 3

23 Feb 2018, Aldo Cortesi @cortesi

We’re delighted to announce the release of mitmproxy v3.0. This is a massive milestone release, featuring a substantial revamp of mitmproxy’s internal structure and serious improvements in all tools across the board. Everyone should update!