Mitmproxy 9

28 Oct 2022, Maximilian Hils @maximilianhils

We’re excited to announce the release of mitmproxy 9, a free and open source interactive HTTPS proxy. This release brings support for raw UDP and DTLS, a new WireGuard proxy mode, and major usability improvements.

Raw UDP and DTLS Support

A UDP flow in the mitmweb UI

Raw UDP packets passing through mitmproxy.

After adding DNS support in mitmproxy 8.1, Manuel Meitinger (@meitinger) now brings us support for raw UDP flows! Just like raw TCP mode, the new raw UDP mode allows you to intercept and modify any UDP-based protocol. To spice things up, Miguel Guarniz (@kckeiks) added automatic DTLS detection and interception on top, which makes it possible to peek into many encrypted UDP protocols.

WireGuard Mode (and Rust)

Setting up an Android smartphone (right) to use mitmweb (left).
The mitmproxy CA certificate has been preinstalled for this demo.

Fabio Valentini (@decathorpe) has been working on an experimental new proxy mode based on WireGuard. This new mode makes transparent proxying as easy as running mitmweb --mode wireguard connecting to a WireGuard VPN.

This represents a significat usability improvement for transparent mode (no more iptables), and – thanks to WireGuard’s fantastic mobile support – makes it possible to only proxy specific apps on Android. On top of that, it’s the first feature in mitmproxy that is implemented in Rust. Head over to Fabio’s blog post to learn more!

Console Usability

Similar to nano or htop, the mitmproxy console UI now shows a help bar with common keybindings at the bottom. This makes it easier to learn the most important features, but also helps to discover more advanced ones. It looks like even our most experienced users may learn something new! 🎉

Full Changelog

Since the last release, the project has had 187 commits by 31 contributors, resulting in 89 closed issues and 108 closed pull requests, all of this in just over 165 days.

  • Mitmproxy binaries now ship with Python 3.11. (#5678, @mhils)
  • One mitmproxy instance can now spawn multiple proxy servers. (#5393, @mhils)
  • Add syntax highlighting to JSON and msgpack content view. (#5623, @SapiensAnatis)
  • Add MQTT content view. (#5588, @nikitastupin, @abbbe)
  • Setting connection_strategy to lazy now also disables early upstream connections to fetch TLS certificate details. (#5487, @mhils)
  • Fix order of event hooks on startup. (#5376, @meitinger)
  • Include server information in bind/listen errors. (#5495, @meitinger)
  • Include information about lazy connection_strategy in related errors. (#5465, @meitinger, @mhils)
  • Fix tls_version_server_min and tls_version_server_max options. (#5546, @mhils)
  • Added Magisk module generation for Android onboarding. (#5547, @jorants)
  • Update Linux binary builder to Ubuntu 20.04, bumping the minimum glibc version to 2.31. (#5547, @jorants)
  • Add “Save filtered” button in mitmweb. (#5531, @rnbwdsh, @mhils)
  • Render application/prpc content as gRPC/Protocol Buffers (#5568, @selfisekai)
  • Mitmweb now supports content_view_lines_cutoff. (#5548, @sanlengjingvv)
  • Fix a mitmweb crash when scrolling down the flow list. (#5507, @LIU-shuyi)
  • Add HTTP/3 binary frame content view. (#5582, @mhils)
  • Fix mitmweb not properly opening a browser and being stuck on some Linux. (#5522, @Prinzhorn)
  • Fix race condition when updating mitmweb WebSocket connections that are closing. (#5405, #5686, @mhils)
  • Fix mitmweb crash when using filters. (#5658, #5661, @LIU-shuyi, @mhils)
  • Fix missing default port when starting a browser. (#5687, @rbdixon)
  • Add docs for transparent mode on Windows. (#5402, @stephenspol)


  • Deprecate add_log event hook. Users should use the builtin logging module instead. See the docs for details and upgrade instructions. (#5590, @mhils)
  • Deprecate mitmproxy.ctx.log in favor of Python’s builtin logging module. See the docs for details and upgrade instructions. (#5590, @mhils)