Intercepting Windows Applications

04 Jan 2024, Maximilian Hils @maximilianhils

We’re excited to share that local redirect mode is now available on Windows in mitmproxy 10.2! This allows users to seamlessly intercept local applications without configuring proxy settings.

Intercepting macOS Applications

05 Dec 2023, Emanuele Micheletti @emanuele_em_

mitmproxy can now transparently intercept traffic from macOS applications running on the same device, without fiddling with any proxy settings.

A more user-friendly transparent mode, based on WireGuard

28 Oct 2022, Fabio Valentini @decathorpe

mitmproxy 9 ships with a new experimental proxy mode based on WireGuard®. This new mode makes it incredibly easy to set up proxying for other devices in your network, and allows you to only proxy specific apps on Android.

A New Proxy Core, Sans I/O

19 Dec 2020, Maximilian Hils @maximilianhils
The upcoming release of mitmproxy 7 will feature a completely new I/O-free proxy core. In this post, I will go into the technical details and architectural changes coming up.